Black Sherif makes a splash at Paris Fashion Week runway

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Once again, Black Sherif has captured attention, this time for gracing the runway at Paris Fashion Week, marking his second appearance within a week, having made his debut at London Fashion Week.

Adorned in Off White attire, Black Sherif impressed the audience with his confident walk and distinctive style. His participation in the global fashion scene further cements his position as an emerging star not only in the realm of music but also in the fashion industry.

Following his runway stint, Black Sherif was observed backstage, engaging in a conversation with the renowned Nigerian music sensation Arya Star. This interaction has fueled speculation among fans, raising anticipation for a potential collaboration between the two artists.

Black Sherif's venture into the fashion world adds a new facet to his already diverse career, highlighting his proficiency in various creative domains. His remarkable journey from the streets of Ghana to the runways of London and Paris serves as a testament to his talent and ambition, leaving fans eager to witness his upcoming endeavors.

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