Meet Madam Efua Frimpomaa, the first woman to claim the National Farmers Award

Stories and facts

Madam Efua Frimpomaa's journey in Ghana's agricultural sector is a testament to her dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Starting in 1990 with the title of Agona District Best Farmer, she laid the foundation for future successes. Excelling regionally as the Central Regional Best Plantain Farmer in 1996, her expertise became evident.

In 1997, Madam Efua Frimpomaa achieved the pinnacle of recognition by becoming the Central Regional Overall Best Farmer, solidifying her leadership in Ghana's agricultural landscape. Her national acclaim followed in 2004, when she was crowned the National Best Farmer, inspiring farmers nationwide.

Her journey reached international acclaim in the following year with the Millennium Excellence Award in Agriculture, showcasing not only her achievements but also Ghana's agricultural prowess on a global scale. Madam Efua Frimpomaa's story exemplifies perseverance and serves as an inspiration for aspiring farmers everywhere.

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