Chris Attoh reveals reasons behind his move from Ghana to Nigeria

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Ghanaian actor and producer Chris Attoh recently discussed his decision to relocate to Nigeria, shedding light on the factors that influenced this move. In an interview with 3Music TV on February 29, 2024, Attoh explained that he sought to access a larger market and audience, deeming Ghana too small for his ambitions.

Attoh emphasized Nigeria's dynamic and prolific film industry, which presented more extensive opportunities and collaborative ventures. He expressed, "The necessity was that you had to be in the Nigerian space if you wanted a bigger market or a bigger audience. Ghana was great, but the truth is, Ghana is small, and if you are trying to get the attention of players beyond Ghana, not just Nigeria, you have to expand."

Highlighting Nigeria's film production frequency, he added, "Nigeria has numbers, Nigeria is making films every single day. I’m always looking forward to where we’re collaborating instead of being separated."

Expressing concerns about the current state of the Ghanaian movie industry, Attoh lamented the absence of mentorship and guidance for creatives. He revealed that during his formative years, he lacked the right mentors to guide him. Driven by a desire to assist the younger generation, Attoh shared, "I don’t think it's a matter of not wanting to push ourselves, growing up, we didn't have the right mentors, we didn’t have people who brought us up and would take your hand and say this is the way."

Discussing challenges faced outside Ghana, Attoh stressed the importance of continuous learning for actors and actresses. He emphasized the need for Ghanaian filmmakers to "come correct" when representing the country on the global stage, underscoring the significance of proficiency in the English language.

Chris Attoh, recognized as a Ghanaian actor, film director, on-air personality, television presenter, and producer, gained fame for his role as "Kwame Mensah" in the Nigerian soap opera Tinsel. His involvement in various international films, including "Shuga," "Single and Married," and "Inspector Bediako," has further solidified his position in the global entertainment industry.

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