Efia Odo finds God amidst heartbreak

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Efia Odo shared a profound transformation in her life after a recent breakup with her partner, revealing the impact it had on her sense of self-worth and spiritual journey. Speaking on the GH Queens show, the Ghanaian socialite disclosed how the heartbreak prompted her to seek solace in the United States with her family for six months, characterized by continuous brooding and tears.

During this period, she expressed her realization that loving oneself is paramount and that the breakup taught her valuable lessons about self-worth. Efia Odo acknowledged the common saying that people often find God in the midst of heartbreak, stating, "I found God."

Despite the emotional turmoil, Efia Odo narrated that a turning point occurred in August, declaring she decided to embrace her strength and cease allowing such experiences to control her. She emphasized a shift in her future dating criteria, focusing on financial considerations rather than purely romantic feelings.

Additionally, Efia Odo opened up about a 'secret love affair' with Kwesi Arthur, disclosing their three-year relationship that concluded in December 2021. She expressed her surprise at his sudden change in behavior and shared her decision to be celibate as part of her healing process since the breakup. Efia Odo clarified that her choice to be celibate was not a reaction to the breakup but a personal decision to rediscover herself. While she did not disclose whether she has dated again after Kwesi Arthur, her journey of healing and self-discovery remains a central theme in her life.

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