Freezy Macbones: From humble beginnings to boxing success

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Seth Gyimah, widely recognized by his boxing alias Freezy Macbones, has carved a remarkable path from his early years in Ghana to becoming a rising star in the international boxing scene.

Born and raised in Bimma, Ashanti Region, Ghana. Gyimah's childhood was marked by challenges. Despite the hardships, he discovered a passion for boxing as a means of overcoming adversity and pursuing his dreams.

In 2012, seeking better opportunities, Gyimah relocated to the United Kingdom, settling in London. Initially starting as a kitchen porter, he quickly showcased his culinary talent, eventually transitioning from the kitchen to the boxing ring, where his true passion lay.

After rigorous training at local London gyms, Gyimah made his professional boxing debut in 2017, adopting the moniker Freezy Macbones. His early fights demonstrated his raw talent and determination, catching the attention of boxing enthusiasts globally.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Freezy Macbones ascended through the ranks of the light heavyweight division, accumulating victories and gaining a dedicated fan base. His breakthrough came in 2020 with a standout performance that solidified his reputation as a rising star in the sport, drawing comparisons to legendary boxers like Mike Tyson.

In 2022, Freezy Macbones achieved a significant milestone by defeating a formidable opponent, positioning himself as a contender for regional and international titles. His success not only inspired aspiring boxers in Ghana but also garnered admiration worldwide.

Continuing his journey in 2023 and 2024, Freezy Macbones maintained his momentum with continued success in the ring, establishing himself as a prominent figure in professional boxing. His story resonates with themes of perseverance and passion, reflecting his transformation from a challenging upbringing in Ghana to global recognition in the boxing arena.

Recently, Freezy Macbones made headlines again when he returned to Ghana after an 11-year separation from his daughter. Expressing regret for his absence, he shared a heartfelt message on social media, reaffirming his commitment to family amidst his boxing career.

As he looks ahead, Freezy Macbones remains focused on his goals, including aspirations for the 2024 Olympics, despite setbacks. His journey underscores the power of resilience and dedication, inspiring fans and aspiring athletes alike with his remarkable rise from humble beginnings to international acclaim in boxing.

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