Here are 3 Ghanaian players to have ever won the African Player of the Year Award

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Over the years, Ghanaian footballers have exhibited their remarkable talents on the global football stage. Amid the numerous Black Stars players who have graced various competitions, exceptional individuals such as Asamoah Gyan, Michael Essien, Abedi Pele, Ibrahim Sunday, Karim Abdul Razak and a few others have etched an unforgettable legacy. However, the attainment of the African Player of the Year Award, signifying the pinnacle of success, remains an accomplishment reserved for a select few. In this feature, we cast a spotlight on three Ghanaian players who have reached this zenith, securing the esteemed accolade of winning the African Player of the Year Award.

Ibrahim Sunday

The ex-Asante Kotoko and Ghanaian footballer secured a historic achievement by becoming the first player from the West African nation to capture the African Player of the Year award. During that era, the award carried the title of the African Footballer of the Year Golden Ball, drawing parallels to France's Ballon d'Or.

In 1971, Sunday triumphed over competition from his compatriot and Kotoko teammate, Robert Mensah, to seize the prestigious award.

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Karim Abdul Razak

Abdul Razak, affectionately known as the Golden Boy, achieved the distinction of being the second player from the country to secure the African Player of the Year award. Like Ibrahim Sunday, Abdul Razak was associated with Asante Kotoko during his playing career.

In 1978, Abdul Razak played a pivotal role in guiding Ghana to its third Africa Cup of Nations triumph. His exceptional performances stood out as he surpassed competition from Ali Bencheik of Algeria, who was then representing MC Alger, and Thomas N'kono from Cameroon, to claim the prestigious award.

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Abedi Pele

Considered among the most illustrious African talents in European football, Abedi Pele left an indelible mark during the late 1980s and early 1990s. His stellar performances were pivotal as Olympique Marseille clinched the coveted UEFA Champions League title in 1993.

While Abedi Pele had already tasted success by winning the Africa Cup of Nations in 1982 as a teenager, it was in the 1990s that he truly flourished. He reigned supreme as the African Player of the Year from 1991 to 1993, showcasing his exceptional skills and influence on the pitch. However, his reign was brought to an end in 1994 when George Weah claimed the prestigious title, ending Abedi Pele's remarkable run.

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