Joseph Adam Braimah, the first Minister and Member of Parliament from the north in 1951

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Joseph Adam Braimah, born on August 31, 1916, in Kpembe, Ghana, made history as the first person from the Northern Region to serve as both a Minister for Communications and Work and a Member of Parliament during Kwame Nkrumah's regime.

He played a pivotal role in Ghanaian politics, transitioning from the Northern People's Party to the Convention People's Party in 1959. Braimah's personal life was characterized by his large family of 11 wives and 52 children. He passed away in the 1980s, leaving behind a legacy of political and social contributions, commemorated by the launch of his memoir, "JA Braimah: Biography of a Trailblazer," in May 2021.

Despite controversies, Braimah's career remains a testament to the complexities of Ghanaian politics, continuing to be studied and celebrated today.

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