KiDi launches women's swimwear line

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Musician KiDi has recently diversified his portfolio by introducing a women's swimwear brand alongside the release of his latest single, 'Danger.'

In an interview with Joy Prime's IB, the 'Liquor' singer clarified that the swimwear line is exclusively available to a select group of fans and not for public sale. He emphasized that this expansion is not a departure from his musical career but rather an extension of his artistic expression.

KiDi revealed that his admiration for women served as the driving force behind the creation of the swimwear line, acknowledging their significant contributions and strength in society.

Scheduled for release on Thursday, February 29, 2024, 'Danger' marks another milestone in KiDi's musical journey. With the introduction of the women's swimwear line, KiDi reinforces his status as a prominent figure in Ghana's music industry.

Since his emergence in 2017, KiDi has amassed widespread acclaim through successful tours, prestigious awards, and impactful music, solidifying his position as a noteworthy talent in the music scene.

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