Kwaw Kese reveals decade-long struggle with depression

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Ghanaian artist Emmanuel Kofi Botchwey, popularly known as Kwaw Kese, has expressed a newfound sense of responsibility in his life, leading him to focus on creating motivational music. He clarified that his latest song, 'Victory,' is inspired by the challenges he has faced recently. Kwaw Kese shared his transformation from the wild persona of his earlier years to a more responsible individual, emphasizing that his music aims to touch hearts and inspire love.

Speaking on TV3’s New Day with MzGee, he highlighted that his entire album is titled 'Victory,' indicating a shift in his artistic approach. Although not gospel, Kwaw Kese described the song as motivational, reflecting his personal growth. He acknowledged the changes in his life, such as becoming a parent and having people who look up to him, which influenced his shift towards more uplifting and inspiring content.

The Dondo hitmaker opened up about a challenging period when he experienced depression for four months in the United States. Following the tragic death of his manager, divorce, arrest, and imprisonment in 2014, he contemplated quitting music altogether. However, he revealed that a divine intervention inspired him to return to Ghana and continue his musical journey.

Recalling the dark period, Kwaw Kese shared, “I was depressed for four months. I heard a voice telling me I was stronger than this and people look up to you so go back and do what you have to do.” Despite the hardships, he returned to the music scene, releasing 'Swedru Agona' in 2015.

Currently, his latest song, "Victory," has garnered 43,192 views on YouTube, reflecting the artist's commitment to creating music that uplifts and motivates listeners.

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