Meet Ghana's first-ever swimmer to claim a medal at the African Games

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Ghana's team captain, Abeku Jackson, has etched his name in history at the African Games 2023 by securing the nation's inaugural Swimming medal. Jackson clinched a silver medal in the Men's 50m Butterfly event, completing the race in 24.23 seconds. His remarkable achievement, however, placed him just behind Egypt's Ali Khalafalla, who secured the gold with a slightly quicker time of 23.93 seconds.

This groundbreaking accomplishment establishes the 23-year-old as the first Ghanaian swimmer to attain a medal at the African Games, bringing an end to a prolonged period without such accolades in the sport for the nation. Meanwhile, in the same event, Jackson's teammate, Stacey Harry, exhibited a commendable performance, finishing fifth with a time of 24.56 seconds.

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