Meet Wode Maya, Ghana's first YouTuber to hit over a million subscribers

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Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, known by his popular alias Wode Maya, is a notable Ghanaian figure recognized for his impact as a YouTube personality, vlogger, digital media influencer, and accomplished aeronautical engineer. Born on March 3, 1990, Wode Maya's journey to prominence is marked by his dynamic presence in both the digital realm and the field of engineering.

Originating from Ahekofi in Kofikrom, situated in the Western region of Ghana, Wode Maya's upbringing imbued him with a rich cultural heritage. His educational pursuits led him to the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), where he honed his linguistic and cultural skills, further enhancing his global perspective.

Wode Maya's foray into vlogging commenced during his student days in China, where he captured and shared his diverse experiences with a growing audience. Eventually, he made the bold decision to transition from his career as an aeronautical engineer to fully commit himself to the world of digital content creation.

The moniker "Wode Maya" derives from the Mandarin expression "wǒ de mā ya" (我的妈呀), translating to "Oh, my mom!"—an exclamation reflecting surprise or awe. His captivating content resonated with audiences worldwide, catapulting him to fame as one of Africa's most influential YouTubers.

In a notable incident in 2017, Wode Maya's video documenting his experience on a bus, where empty seats surrounded him while other passengers stood, garnered widespread attention for shedding light on issues of racial discrimination. This viral video underscored his commitment to fostering awareness and sparking dialogue on pertinent social issues.

In December 2021, Wode Maya ventured into the world of real estate entrepreneurship, establishing "CHARLIEMAG Estate" in East Legon—a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and vision for creating a lasting impact beyond the digital sphere.

Wode Maya's influence extends beyond his digital platforms, as evidenced by his participation in global events such as the World Economic Forum and the Munich Security Conference. These invitations underscore his role as a prominent voice shaping discussions on international affairs and societal progress.

In his personal life, Wode Maya shares his journey with his Kenyan wife, Miss Trudy, who is also a distinguished YouTuber. Together, they exemplify the power of collaboration and shared passion in driving positive change.

Philanthropy lies at the core of Wode Maya's endeavors, as demonstrated by his generous contributions towards community development initiatives. From transforming dumpsites into vibrant parks to championing educational causes, his philanthropic efforts reflect a deep-seated commitment to uplifting communities and fostering sustainable change.

Acknowledging his remarkable contributions to online content creation, Wode Maya received the esteemed "Online Creator Of The Year" award at the Entertainment Achievement Awards in February 2022. This acknowledgment serves as evidence of his lasting influence and significance in the digital realm.

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