Omar Sheriff Captan, actor who changed his path from stardom to spirituality

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Omar Sheriff Captan is a renowned Ghanaian actor and film director, initially known for his "bad boy" roles before later becoming a pastor. Captan captured the hearts of many with his performances in popular movies and TV shows, only to step away from the limelight in 2013 when he announced his training to be ordained as a pastor.

Captan married his long-time girlfriend Cindy in 2013, but the couple later divorced. Following his divorce, he pursued his spiritual calling and became a pastor. In 2021, reports surfaced that he had a Tanzanian girlfriend. Captan has a daughter, Grace Smith, who is also an actress.

Captan’s impressive body of work includes:

- Outrage

- Dark Sands

- My Sweetie

- I Stand Accused

- Tentacles

- The Chosen One

- Broadway

- Tinsel

- Cheaters

- My Heart

- Crime of Love

Omar Sheriff Captan was a delight to watch on the silver screen, often portraying the charming lover boy. His sudden disappearance from the movie scene fueled speculations that he had quit acting to focus solely on his pastoral duties. However, Captan recently clarified that these rumors were far from the truth.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz during the showing of Latif Abubakar’s play The Licence, in which he played a lead role, Captan explained that he never stopped acting. "It’s not true that I quit acting. I was still actively involved in movies; I just decided to be behind the cameras instead of in front of them," he said. Captan worked as a cameraman, traveling to various countries, including Kenya and Tanzania, for film productions.

His choice to work behind the scenes was a strategic move to expand his versatility and skill set. "As a cameraman, my work took me around the world. But now I’m back to my first love. It feels so good to be in the spotlight again, and the response has been convincing that I’ve been missed," he added.

Captan emphasized his commitment to both acting and working behind the scenes, saying, "If the need arises, I'll still go behind the scenes and also shoot as an actor at the same time. So I’m multi-tasking as a performer and also a crew member."

As Omar gears up for his return to the screen, he teases his fans with the promise of an upcoming movie, reigniting excitement for his return to acting.

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