Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu: A profile of Ghana's longest-serving parliamentarian

Stories and facts

Born on February 3, 1957, in Bremang-Afrancho, a town nestled in the Ashanti Region's Kumasi, his journey into political leadership stemmed from an academic foundation at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. His graduation in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning laid the groundwork for his illustrious professional trajectory.

A stalwart member of the New Patriotic Party, Mensah Bonsu entered Parliament in January 1997, representing the Old Tafo constituency within the Suame Constituency of the Ashanti Region. His unswerving commitment has ensured his continuous representation through multiple parliamentary terms, spanning the 2nd to the 7th Parliaments of Ghana's 4th Republic.

His influence and dedication propelled him to hold key positions in Ghana's political landscape. Presently, Mensah Bonsu serves as the Majority Leader in the Ghanaian Parliament and concurrently holds the esteemed Minister for Parliamentary Affairs position in Ghana. His enduring presence in Parliament distinguishes him as the longest-serving lawmaker in the country, a testament to his unwavering commitment to public service.

Beyond legislative duties, Mensah Bonsu's leadership extends to chairing crucial committees such as the Special Budget, House, and Business Committees. He also plays a pivotal role as a member of the Finance, Mines, and Energy Standing Orders, and Selection Committees. His vocal stance was evident when he criticized the suspension of parliamentary proceedings by Speaker Alban Bagbin to attend the 2023 National Development Conference hosted by the Church of Pentecost.

In August 2023, Mensah Bonsu accurately predicted the outcome of the NPP voters' preference at the flagbearer super delegate congress, foreseeing 70% support for Vice President Bawumia. Subsequently, Bawumia secured 68% of the vote, aligning closely with Mensah Bonsu's foresight.

Throughout various parliamentary elections, Mensah Bonsu consistently triumphed, securing his position in the 1996, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2020 Ghanaian general elections, solidifying his representation of the Suame Constituency with resounding voter confidence.

His contributions extend beyond national boundaries as he assumed the role of the acting Vice-Chairperson elected by the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).

Mensah Bonsu's proposal to rename Ghana's main Job 600 building, intending to honor key figures in Ghana's parliamentary history, encountered opposition from certain political factions, underscoring the intricacies within Ghanaian politics.

In his personal life, Mensah Bonsu is a devoted family man, married to Mrs. Irene Kyei-Mensah Bonsu, and proudly raises eight children. His religious affiliations align with the Assemblies of God Church, influencing his values and perspectives.

Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu's extensive career in Ghanaian politics epitomizes a steadfast dedication to public service and an unwavering commitment to the advancement of his constituency and the nation as a whole.



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