Rosamond Asiamah Nkansah, the first woman to be enlisted into the Ghana Police Service in 1952

Stories and facts

Rosamond Asiamah Nkansah was a trailblazer in Ghana's law enforcement history, being the first woman enlisted in the Gold Coast Police Force, now known as the Ghana Police Service.

Born in 1930, she excelled academically at Wesley Girls High School and broke gender barriers by joining the police force at age 22 in 1952. Despite societal constraints, she advocated for gender equality within the force, leading to the abolition of discriminatory policies against policewomen.

After leaving the police force in 1958, she pursued teaching and joined the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. In 1999, she retired to focus on writing books, aiming to educate and empower others. Asiamah's legacy of courage and advocacy for gender equality continues to inspire, though she passed away in 2021, leaving a remarkable imprint on Ghana's law enforcement and educational landscape.

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