Thomas Partey just had a baby girl

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Thomas Partey's girlfriend, Janine Mackson, has delighted fans by sharing charming photos of their newborn baby. Through captivating images posted on Instagram, Mackson provided a glimpse into the baby's growth, having been born approximately a month ago.

Mackson, an elegant woman with a rich melanin complexion, brownish curly hair, and a striking physique, has garnered praise for her stunning appearance. The couple had managed to keep their relationship low-key until they announced the pregnancy in 2023.

While Thomas Partey, the Black Stars midfielder, has been sidelined since October 2023 due to injury, he is anticipated to make a comeback in March 2024. Unfortunately, Partey encountered a setback just days after recovering from a muscle injury, forcing him out of action. Despite gearing up for a return against Nottingham Forest, unforeseen circumstances prevented his participation.

In the ongoing 2023/2024 Premier League season, Thomas Partey has only featured in four games for Arsenal. His intermittent availability has been a source of concern for fans eagerly awaiting his return to the field.

Checkout images of Janine Mackson and her newborn baby below

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