Tony Yeboah, the first-ever Ghanaian footballer to score a hattrick in the English Premier League

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On September 23, 1995, Tony Yeboah etched his name into English Premier League history with a mesmerizing hat-trick for Leeds United in a memorable clash against Wimbledon, which ended in a thrilling 4-2 victory for Leeds.

Yeboah's remarkable performance included a goal that would go down as one of the greatest in Premier League history, earning him the prestigious BBC Match of the Day Goal of the Month for September.

The iconic moment came when Yeboah pounced on a poorly headed clearance by a Wimbledon defender, expertly controlling the ball with his chest and thigh before unleashing an unstoppable volley with his right foot that thundered into the back of the net.

This hat-trick marked a significant milestone as the first-ever achieved by a Ghanaian player in the English Premier League, highlighting Yeboah's exceptional talent and impact on the league during his time.

Over his two seasons in the EPL, Tony Yeboah amassed a total of 24 goals, establishing himself as the highest-scoring Ghanaian player in the league at that time.

While Yeboah's record was eventually surpassed by Jordan Ayew in 2020 with his 25th Premier League goal, and later by Fatawu Issahaku with a hat-trick for Leicester City in their 5-0 victory over Southampton on April 23, 2024, Yeboah's legacy remains cherished by football enthusiasts worldwide.

Tony Yeboah's hat-trick and unforgettable strike continue to be celebrated as defining moments in the history of Ghanaian and English football, symbolizing the enduring impact of his talent and prowess on the Premier League stage.

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