Actor Prince David Osei sets the record straight on cheating accusations

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In a candid interview with Accra 100.5 FM, renowned Ghanaian actor and producer Prince David Osei shared intimate details about his marriage, shedding light on his unwavering commitment to his wife, Louisa Nana Ama Asieduaa.

When questioned about infidelity, Osei candidly admitted to flirting with other women but emphatically stated that he has never engaged in extramarital affairs. "If you say 'cheat' as in flirting or just entertaining them, I've done that. But if you're talking about actual sex, no, I've never done that," he clarified during the interview.

Osei revealed that his relationship with Louisa, spanning over a decade, began as the first and only romantic involvement in his life. Both were virgins when they met, and Osei disclosed that, during the initial four years of their relationship, he refrained from physical intimacy. The actor attributed this choice to his humble background, expressing a determination to focus on his studies and future without the distractions or potential consequences of early sexual encounters.

"My wife tolerates me a lot. She's a very good woman. She's my strong backbone. Funny enough, she's the first girlfriend I ever had. We were both virgins when we met. For the first four years we met, I never touched her," Osei shared.

Reflecting on his commitment, Osei discussed the challenges he faced on campus, where others questioned his manhood due to the absence of physical intimacy in his relationship. He explained that he believed avoiding such distractions during his early years was crucial to achieving greatness without unnecessary consequences.

As Prince David Osei rose to fame, he remained resolute in his commitment to Louisa, even when faced with the allure of other attractive women. The actor acknowledged that many were surprised by his steadfast decision to stick with his wife despite his fame and exposure to various beautiful individuals.

In unveiling these personal details, Prince David Osei provides a glimpse into the foundation of his enduring marriage and the principles that have shaped his relationship throughout his journey to stardom.

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