Kumasi Academy: Championing education in Ashanti Region

Stories and facts

Kumasi Academy, commonly referred to as KUMACA, stands as a prominent public senior high school located in Asokore-Mampong, within Ghana's Ashanti Region.

Asokore-Mampong, serving as the capital of the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly, is situated approximately 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) from Kumasi's central business district, accessible via the Kumasi Airport-Aboabo Road.

Established in 1956 by the Ghana Baptist Convention, the institution originally bore the name Sadler Baptist College. Initially founded in Asokore-Mampong, it later transitioned its seminary to Abuakwa in 1960, while maintaining the secondary school at its current location.

Notably, the school gained widespread recognition in Ghana due to the strict disciplinary standards upheld by Baptist missionaries.

In subsequent years, tensions arose between the Baptist Mission and the government regarding administrative control.

The Mission, advocating for the separation of religion and state, eventually relinquished oversight of the school to the government under the condition that the name "Sadler Baptist" be changed and that religious education remain under Baptist auspices. Consequently, the school phased out its former identity as "Sadler Baptist Secondary School."

A significant milestone in the school's history occurred on July 9, 2022, with the inauguration of the state-of-the-art Akunini Science Laboratory.

This modern facility, commissioned to enhance STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, stands as a testament to the dedication of the alumni association, Akunini Global, which fully funded the project.

Academically, Kumasi Academy maintains a distinguished reputation within Ghana, renowned for its exceptional performance in both internal assessments and national examinations.

The institution prides itself on nurturing scholars who go on to occupy pivotal roles within Ghana and beyond, contributing significantly to various sectors both locally and internationally.



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