Ahafo Ano South-West District - Mankranso

Stories and facts

Geographically, it lies between longitude 1o45’W and 2o20’W and latitude 6o42’N and 7o10’N. The District is divided into Five (5) Area Councils which are further subdivided into 29 Electoral Areas, each representing the distinct aspirations and needs of the local population.

One of the defining features of the Ahafo Ano South-West District is its strategic location, which opens up avenues for interaction and collaboration with three other regions in Ghana, namely Brong Ahafo, Central, and Eastern Regions. This geographical advantage fosters economic and cultural ties, facilitating progress and prosperity for the region and its people.

The district shares its boundaries with five neighboring districts, to the North, it is bordered by the Tano North District of Brong Ahafo Region, while the Atwima Nwabiagya District lies to the South. To the West, it shares its boundary with the Ahafo Ano North District, while the Offinso South Municipal lies to the East. Additionally, the Ahafo Ano South District is situated to the South-West, all within the Ashanti Region.

The district's administrative heart, Mankranso, serves as the capital and is located approximately 34km to the North-West of Kumasi, the vibrant and bustling regional capital of Ashanti. This strategic proximity to Kumasi brings both opportunities for development and the chance to preserve the distinct identity and charm of the Ahafo Ano South-West District.

The Ahafo Ano South-West District Assembly offers a promising landscape of possibilities. From its captivating natural beauty to its strategic location that fosters regional cooperation, the district stands poised for growth and advancement. With its diverse Area Councils and Electoral Areas, the region can focus on addressing the specific needs of its communities while engaging in broader regional partnerships.



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