Asante Akim North Municipality - Agogo

Stories and facts

Situated in the Eastern part of the Ashanti Region, the district's administrative capital is Agogo. Over the years, it has thrived and was upgraded to a Municipal Assembly in 2020.

Geographical Location

Asante Akim North Municipal Assembly is strategically positioned in the Eastern part of the Ashanti Region. To its north, it shares borders with Sekyere Kumawu and Sekyere Afram Plains Districts. The district's eastern boundary forms part of the demarcation between the Ashanti Region and the Eastern Region of Ghana. On the south, it is bordered by Asante-Akim South and Asante-Akim Central, while the western boundary is shared with Sekyere East District.

Population and Demographics

As of the latest data from the 2021 population and housing census, the total population of the Asante Akim North Municipal Area stands at 85,788, accounting for 1.4 percent of the Ashanti Regional population. Within this population, 51.04 percent (43,788) are females, while 48.96 percent (42,000) are males. Notably, the age groups of 0-4 years and 15-19 years have the highest population, constituting 13.9 percent and 14.0 percent, respectively.


The district is home to five communities that have assumed urban status based on a population threshold of 5,000. These vibrant communities are Agogo, Domeabra, Juansa, Hwidiem, and Wioso. Each of these areas contributes to the diverse cultural and economic landscape of the district.

The Asante Akim North Municipal Assembly is a flourishing district in Ghana with Agogo as its administrative capital. It has a rich cultural heritage and a steadily growing population. The district's strategic location within the Ashanti Region and its border with the Eastern Region further contribute to its significance. Asante Akim North Municipal Assembly continues to play a crucial role in the development and progress of the country, contributing to the 260 Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana.



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