Here is LINDA DOR, one of the most successful award-winning brands in Ghana

Stories and facts

Linda Dor was established in 1976 in Koforidua, in eastern Ghana. It began with a restaurant and rest stop, pioneering the concept in the region. Evolving into a renowned, successful, and award-winning brand in Ghana, Linda Dor now operates a network of restaurants, hotels, and highway rest stops.

Established in 1976 in Koforidua, Ghana, Linda Dor restaurant and rest stop, founded by Madam Belinda Doris Arkorful, has become a beloved culinary institution. With operating hours from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm daily, the restaurant offers a diverse menu, including local Ghanaian dishes and continental cuisine, with dine-in and drive-through options available.

Originally located within the Castle Bridge Hotel, Linda Dor has expanded to six locations nationwide. The restaurant has received prestigious awards, such as the Business of the Year (Non-Muslim) Award at the Ghana Muslim Achievers’ Awards in 2017 and the Highway Rest Stop of the Year title in 2014. Beyond its culinary delights, Linda Dor contributes to national development by paying taxes and providing employment opportunities for Ghanaians.

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