Here is Sogakope Bridge, Ghana's longest bridge since 1965

Stories and facts

The Lower Volta Bridge, also known as the Sogakope Bridge, is a critical infrastructure along Ghana's N1 highway, connecting Aflao to Accra. Spanning 650 meters, it provides essential connectivity between Sogakope and Sokpoe over the Volta River.

Constructed from January 1965 to January 1967 by two German contractors, the bridge symbolizes international collaboration in Ghana's infrastructure development. Despite facing challenges, such as concerns over structural integrity in 2009 and appeals for maintenance in 2013, the bridge remains a vital transportation artery.

Recognizing the need for ongoing investment, the Ghanaian government plans to construct the New Volta Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge, starting in 2021. This ambitious project aims to enhance connectivity and address evolving transportation needs. As the new bridge takes shape, the legacy of the Lower Volta Bridge will endure, representing connectivity and resilience in Ghana's infrastructure landscape.

Explore the beautiful site of the Sogakope Bridge below.



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